pokazz A simple solution for your online video enterprise

pokazzLiveChannel - Live TV online

PokazzLiveChannel allows you take your TV channel live online. This scenario provides file migration and encoding of content into the appropriate formats.

Thanks to the functionalities of PokazzLiveHD live broadcast in full HD is possible and all video content can be delivered to mobile devices.

  • Smart player

    Deliver video to the most popular platforms (Silverlight, HTML5, Flash). Publish content via an smart player.

  • Go mobile

    Let users enjoy your video at any time, wherever they may be. Deliver to mobile devices and on Connected TV.

  • Make Social Media work for you

    Access a wider audience via social media. Make it easy for users to recommend and share your video.

  • HD quality delivery

    Publish HD quality video on your VOD portal, online TV channel or during live streaming without content buffering thanks to Pokazz.

  • Manage security

    Secure your content against piracy using Microsoft PlayReady DRM. We offer full integration with our solutions.

  • Collect data and statistics

    Make the most of our reporting system. Collect data on user activity.

  • Infrastructure

    Our platform is compatible with Windows Azure. We have our own server storage.