pokazz A simple solution for your online video enterprise

pokazzLiveHD - Live HD quality streaming

PokazzLiveHD delivers live HD quality video online. As this is a large and difficult challenge, verified and stable solutions form the base of this particular scenario. SmoothStreaming and PokazzEncoder prepare the live signal, enabling end-users to view the event in the highest quality possible.

In PokazzLiveHD all content is protected using the Microsoft PlayReady DRM encryption system.

  • Upload and publish

    Add as many video files as you like fast and intuitively, all at the same time. Control the entire content processing and publishing procedure.

  • Smart player

    Deliver video to the most popular platforms (Silverlight, HTML5, Flash). Publish content via an smart player.

  • Go mobile

    Let users enjoy your video at any time, wherever they may be. Deliver to mobile devices and on Connected TV.

  • Make Social Media work for you

    Access a wider audience via social media. Make it easy for users to recommend and share your video.

  • HD quality delivery

    Publish HD quality video on your VOD portal, online TV channel or during live streaming without content buffering thanks to Pokazz.

  • Monetization

    Run an efficient video advertising campaign. Manage advertising options within videos, categories or across the entire library.

  • Sell content

    Create paid access to online TV, VOD services or events broadcast live. We'll integrate your business model with our sales management system.

  • Manage security

    Secure your content against piracy using Microsoft PlayReady DRM. We offer full integration with our solutions.

  • Collect data and statistics

    Make the most of our reporting system. Collect data on user activity.

  • Infrastructure

    Our platform is compatible with Windows Azure. We have our own server storage.