pokazz A simple solution for your online video enterprise

pokazzTV - Online TV

PokazzTV has been designed for anyone planning to start up an online TV channel. It contains an intuitive set of tools necessary for administrators and editors in order to upload, publish and manage videos quickly and easily. The dedicated solutions, such as the internal system transcoding files into appropriate formats and adaptive streaming mean that users receive HD quality video. 

A sales module can be integrated into the PokazzTV scenario in order to make monetisation of video content possible.

  • Upload and publish

    Add as many video files as you like fast and intuitively, all at the same time. Control the entire content processing and publishing procedure.

  • Organise and manage

    A fast and easy way to publish content. Create a contents library and catalogue your films in the way you want.

  • Smart player

    Deliver video to the most popular platforms (Silverlight, HTML5, Flash). Publish content via an smart player.

  • Go mobile

    Let users enjoy your video at any time, wherever they may be. Deliver to mobile devices and on Connected TV.

  • Make Social Media work for you

    Access a wider audience via social media. Make it easy for users to recommend and share your video.

  • HD quality delivery

    Publish HD quality video on your VOD portal, online TV channel or during live streaming without content buffering thanks to Pokazz.

  • Monetization

    Run an efficient video advertising campaign. Manage advertising options within videos, categories or across the entire library.

  • Collect data and statistics

    Make the most of our reporting system. Collect data on user activity.

  • Infrastructure

    Our platform is compatible with Windows Azure. We have our own server storage.

  • Lech TV – a new look

    Lech Poznań FC asked us to redesign their online TV service. A team of Pokazz specialists designed a new interface for the TV channel, prepared the layout and transfer of video content for mobile devices.


    CYFRA+ ONLINE is our first Web TV solution, where three scenarios of Pokazz are used simultaneously.

  • PressPublica online TV

    In response to a growing need for an up-to-date video management and publishing system, PressPublica turned to Pokazz to create their online TV channel.

  • Lech Poznań Online TV

    Lech Poznań football club created an online TV channel enabling fans to view the latest updates and access archive materials for free.