pokazz A simple solution for your online video enterprise

Case study pokazzVOD

Poland's first online cinema Cineman

Cineman needed the latest video technology combined with the highest possible level of content security and turned to PokazzVOD. Ours specialists design usability and graphics to improve user experience.

Pokazz organised sales, creating a clear, intuitive system based on the sale of packages and adapted to new business aims.


The challenge:

To deliver movies in HD.

To guarantee a stable solution to encoding feature-length videos.

To ensure smooth and high quality film viewing.

To secure content against being copied.

To organise sales and advertising within VOD.


The solution:


  • PokazzEncoder is a stable and efficient tool enabling the encoding of several video formats in real-time using Smooth Streaming.

  • By using Smooth Streaming together with the Silverlight player Pokazz can guarantee end-users receive the video format best suited to their bandwidth and computer capabilities. This solution provides uninterrupted video delivery without drop outs or buffering. A high speed internet connection delivers HD-quality content.

  • Pokazz rearranged sales and designed a package solution and features to support the customer when buying a selected package.

  • We designed an advanced advertising manager. This tool permits editors to manage advertising options within one film, category or the whole video library from one single level.

  • Pokazz delivered and tailored one of the best security systems in the world - Microsoft Play Ready DRM -  to comply with the video licences in this service (licences granted for a set time).