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Case study pokazzLive HD

Coke Live Music Festival 2011 - live online

We streamed five concerts live during the two-day Coke Live Music Festival 2011. Fans were able to watch live feed in HD thanks to Smooth Streaming. 


The challenge:

To provide a stable hardware solution to encode the source signal live onto the Internet.

To guarantee smooth and high quality concert viewing.

To organise an efficient Content Delivery Network infrastructure.


The solution:


    • To deliver the best quality viewing we used the Silverlight player (users were able to install Silverlight via a user-friendly window).

    • Smooth Streaming ensured  a smooth high quality feed. The signal from the concert was encoded live in several quality formats and released online. The quality of video received by the user depended on their bandwidth speeds. We eliminated buffering and drop-outs, and high bandwidths provided concert viewing in HD.

    • PokazzEncoder processed and encoded the signal live and on demand in several quality formats via Smooth Streaming.

    • We used one of the best systems currently available on the market, PlayReady DRM to secure material against piracy and provide geo-specific access restrictions.