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Czwórka - Radio with vision

Czwórka - Radio with vision

Polish Radio Czwórka – together with Pokazz has taken online broadcasting direct from the studio into another dimension. Users can now watch HD-quality live video streaming from the Radio Czwórka studio, use the PVR feature and check the station schedule.


The challenge:

To guarantee a stable and effective solution for streaming TV.

To provide smooth and high quality viewing.

Deliver video to mobile devices.

Prepare a desktop application so end-users can access the radio directly from their computers.

Enable access to additional features – ie. integration with Facebook, PVR and schedule.

The solution:

  • Pokazz prepared an efficient hardware solution which encodes the TV signal into a number of output formats. In practice this means delivering several video quality profiles via Smooth Streaming. The end-user  receives the highest video quality possible as determined by bandwidth .

  • By using Silverlight Pokazz was able to guarantee the best possible image quality. A specially designed desktop application was developed giving users fast access to live radio with just one click. The player has an additional PVR feature which enables  end-users to  rewind the show one hour back in time and return to the live programme at any given moment. It is also integrated with the radio schedule.

  • Smooth Streaming allows end-users to access content according to bandwidth, without drop-outs or buffering. A high speed  internet connection delivers HD-quality content.

  • Pokazz integrated the player with Facebook allowing end-users to watch a broadcast and view fan posts on Radio Czwórka's comments board at the same time.