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Open’er 2011 Live - 4 days, 21 concerts delivered in HD

Open’er 2011 Live - 4 days, 21 concerts delivered in HD

The 10th edition of Poland's biggest music festival  was particularly significant for us. Following the success of 2010, Alter Art entrusted us with organising the transmission and  live feed of 13 concerts over 4 days. We also retransmitted 8 concerts in HD quality (720p).


The challenge:

To provide a stable hardware solution to encode source signal live to the Internet. Make a number of concerts available on VOD.

To organise an efficient Content Delivery Network infrastructure.

To guarantee a smooth feed and a high quality concert viewing experience.

To restrict access to content to fans in Poland.


The solution:

    • Specifically for the needs of this broadcast, we organised a special CDN server infrastructure (Content Delivery Network – a server network responsible for efficient delivery of content to the end-user).

    • Smooth Streaming provide an uninterrupted feed in the highest quality possible. The video signal from the concert was encoded live into several quality formats and uploaded online. The speed of users' bandwidth determined the quality of video received. We eliminated buffering and drop-out and high speed internet connection enable HD quality concert viewing.

    • Silverlight player  provided the best possible viewing quality (users were able to install Silverlight onto their device via a user-friendly window).

    • Material was protected against piracy and access was restricted to fans in Poland using one of the best content encoding systems currently available on the market - Microsoft PlayReady DRM