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The biggest stars live in HD

The biggest stars live in HD

Following many years of cooperation and experience of broadcasting from the Coke Live Music Festival in 2009, Pokazz provided unique live streaming of the Heineken Open'er Festival in 2010.


The challenge:

To guarantee stable tools for encoding the signal source for live online broadcast.

To organise an efficient Content Delivery Network.

To guarantee smooth and high-quality concert viewing.

To provide geo-specific access restrictions.


The solution:


  • Pokazz provided stable and efficient hardward solution, also used in the Vancouver Olympics 2010.

  • To deliver the best possible image quality Pokazz used Silverlight technology (we prepared a user-friendly installation window for fans to download the Silverlight plug-in).

  • Smooth Streaming guaranteed the highest possible quality and uninterrupted viewing. The video signal from the concert was encoded live in a number of quality formats and uploaded online. End-users could view the concert in the best possible video format profile determined by their bandwidth. We eliminated buffering and drop out. A high speed connection enabled HD-quality viewing.

  • Microsoft PlayReady DRM, with its wide scope for providing video content security was used. In response to requests from both artists and organisers access to the broadcast was restricted to fans in Poland.