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Lech TV – a new look

Lech TV – a new look

We implemented a new online TV channel for Lech Poznań football club. We developed the service architecture, designed the graphics and applied innovative original solutions enabling uninterrupted delivery of video content. A TV for mobiles version was also made available.


The challenge:

To create a solution fulfilling client expectations.

To design an intuitive, TV channel accessible online with usability standards.

To provide editors with easy-to-use tools to upload and publish new video content and automate this process for mobile devices.

To integrate the player with mobile platforms.



The solution:


    • We created a dedicated CMS via which the administrators of Lech Poznań FC online TV can upload new video files fast. An internal transcoding system automatically delivers material in the correct format. After adding metadata the administrator is just one click away from publishing the ready film onto the service.

  • We organised the migration of archived files to the new TV channel and provided cataloguing tools. Editors can decide which categories they want to attribute video to eg. Club,Team, Interviews. This makes it possible to maintain a hierarchy and order when managing the video library.

  • We delivered an intelligent player, which automatically adapts its properties to the browser window of the device. Lech Poznań brand colours were used throughout.

  • The portal is with Facebook integrated.

  • We introduced an application for fans via which they can access video, news and the latest information from Lech Poznań FC from their mobile devices.