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Case study pokazzTV

Lech Poznań Online TV

Lech Poznań Online TV

Lech Poznań football club created an online TV channel enabling fans to view the latest updates and access archive materials for free. 


The challenge:

To provide a stable solution to encode video material

To guarantee smooth and high quality viewing.

To provide a user-friendly tool to manage a fast-growing video library.

The solution:

  • Pokazz developed an easy to use administrative panel to upload and manage website content.

  • Pokazz designed one integrated tool to manage single video files, categories or the complete video library.

  • Thanks to Smooth Streaming end-users can view video in the format best suited to their bandwidth without drop outs or buffering. A high speed internet connection delivers HD-quality content.

  • To deliver the best possible image quality Pokazz used Silverlight technology (we prepared a user-friendly installation window for fans to download the Silverlight plug-in).

  • A coherent data reporting system provides information on user activity.