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Case study pokazzTV

PressPublica online TV

PressPublica online TV

In response to a growing need for an up-to-date video content management system, PressPublica turned to Pokazz to create their online TV channel.


The challenge:

The organisation of the transfer of thousands of video films to Pokazz, our modern video management and publishing system.

To prepare a set of well-developed video content management tools for editors.

To maximise usability and efficiency for PressPublica online TV end-users.

The solution:

  • Pokazz organised the transfer of thousands of films from PressPublica's library into the PokazzTV system. We provided a range of features to simplify the entire transfer process and everyday management of a large video library.

  • The player works on three platforms - Flash, Silverlight and HTML5. It adapts automatically to the end-user's bandwidth and technical specifications.Thanks to a three-screen strategy end-users can also access TV online via mobile devices.

  • Smooth Streaming guarantees optimal quality and enables users to watch video with buffering or interruption. High speed internet connection provides HD quality viewing.

  • In-depth statistics can be collated in various numerical configurations and reports as required.

  • The Cloud Computing Windows Azure platform guarantees full scalability and flexibility and allows for smooth, unlimited and secure TV development.