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Case study pokazzVOD

Strefa VOD – new online video on demand portal

The Strefa VOD project was split into several stages. First of all, we focused on the  requirements and creation of the information architecture and the service's UX/UI design.

During  the course of our usability workshops  we determined the aims of the portal and presented models which the graphics were then based on. This was followed by the completion of comprehensive implementation, alpha and beta tests and the development of a business model.  We added the latest in technology, such as Streaming, Silverlight, PlayReady DRM, ensuring the portal was up-to-date and intuitive to use.


The challenge:

To constuct a video service providing for a growing film library.

To encode long content using Smooth Streaming.

To create a CMS system enabling fast, simulataneous multi-file upload

To integrate the portal with external payment systems.

To implement start up registration, login and moderation systems.


The solution:


  • The Strefa VOD administration panel allows editors to upload several films at the same time. Automatic preview and thumbnail selection speeds up the whole process. Publishing films is quick and easy thanks to our intuitive tools and CMS video.

  • Editors can catalogue, sort and bookmark films quickly using the mechanism we have created. Portal management becomes so much simpler with a well organised film library.

  • Online cinema = cinema quality. This is made possible thanks to Smooth Streaming, and it's not complicated either – a high-speed connection is enough to deliver all Strefa VOD films in HD. Surround sound 5.1 guarantees a comfortable viewing experience. 

  • New for the Strefa VOD – our business model. In comparison to existing services of this type currently available in Poland, users don't buy a film but purchase points which they then use to pay for the film they have selected.

  • All films in the Strefa VOD placed on our servers are guaranteed secure storage.

  • We used PlayReady DRM to secure content against piracy.

  • We publish content via a Silverlight smart player.