pokazz A simple solution for your online video enterprise

Pokazz contains an internal system to analyse and report on user activity. The statistics generated are based on data from various sources (players, statistics systems, server logs, scripts).

In cooperation with Gemius, we can provide access to detailed external statistics using gemiusStream research.

We provide the tools to analyse data and create reports on activity. This means you can:

Generate general statistics, which can aid evaluation of video effectiveness. We are able to define average times for viewing videos, numbers of showings or the level of transfers used.

Access to detailed viewing statistics of individual videos.

Analyse of user interaction with the player. We possess highly detailed information on eg., number of switches to full screen, volume changes, frequency of skipping of video material etc.

Collect of all data on hits: numbers, sources, etc. In cooperation with Gemius we are able to define precisely, for example, how many times viewers have started to play multimedia content, the number of times a film has been viewed in its entirety or the number of sessions within any given time period. The incorporated calculation modules present gemiusStream statistics instantly via the interface.