pokazz A simple solution for your online video enterprise

The popularity and numbers of devices which are able to access the web are growing fast. Mobile, video-game console, smartphone and tablet users now expect smooth access to online video. Delivering video to mobile devices is our speciality.

With Pokazz you can deliver video to every screen

We have experience in designing interfaces and dedicated apps for mobile devices. We offer:

Smart player. Thanks to its inbuilt platform and technology detection function the Pokazz player adapts to the browser of the mobile device.

Creation of dedicated applications for iOS (iPad, iPhone), Android, Windows Phone. We design mobile applications from start to finish, to be implemented separately or to widen existing services (by transferring the existing service to mobile devices). All according to client needs.

Full integration with ConnectedTV, Set-top Boxes and video-game consoles. For users this makes it possible to view missedTV programmes (catch-up TV) and access VOD films by simply using the remote control and TV screen.