pokazz A simple solution for your online video enterprise

We are licensed  to provide Microsoft PlayReady DRM services. This is currently one of the best encrypting systems securing content.

We can implement PlayReady according to client requirements or comprehensively with the Pokazz platform. We do not have high licensing charges for PlayReady, you only pay for what you actually use.

In order to secure your content from unauthorised use, we provide:

Integration of Microsoft PlayReady with all external platforms (Windows, Mac OSX, set top box devices, BlueRay, TV sets).

Effective protection of video signal broadcast live online.

Full support for adaptive streaming.

Tools to define access to film parameters. With PlayReady DRM you can precisely set maximum number of screenings, range and time limits for transmissions.

Offline license. A license can be saved on a user's computer and films downloaded earlier may be played without going online.

Management of combined licenses. All DRM licenses received are linked to a base license. Any modification to this (renewal, termination) also affects the remaining licenses.