pokazz A simple solution for your online video enterprise

Pokazz has a built-in advertising manager which will enable you to define and efficiently run an advertising. We provide integration of adverts into the player, in all formats including vast. As the advertising manager is linked to the reporting panel, editors can easily generate statistics.

If you want to run an effective video advertising campaign make the most of our experience. We include:

A mechanism to make uploading adverts straightforward. In Pokazz, adverts are uploaded in exactly the same way as video. You can also create catalogues and sub-catalogues, in this way building an advert library.

Tools to define advertising targets. Our platform enables you to set a detailed advertising plan. You decide on the type, number, time and limits of video advert screenings. You have the possibility to  link adverts to a selected film, category or entire library.

A huge selection of advertising options. We offer all types of online advertising, including preroll, midroll, endroll, text overlay ads. We'll match your player  graphics to your sponsor/advertiser.

Tools to block skipping or missing an advert in the video player.

Reporting panel. We'll collect information on user interaction with the video adverts shown in the player.