pokazz A simple solution for your online video enterprise

Pokazz is a new level of quality in the management of single files, categories or your entire video library thanks to one integrated tool. It's a fast and easy way to publish your content.

Pokazz "Organise and manage content" functionality enables you to:

Categorise content and set catalogue parameters.

Create new categories, subcategories and catalogues which build a hierarchy within your base,  thanks to which a coherent and organised film library will emerge.

Fast search, sort and preview of video library. To make these processes straightforward we have added the browser with text suggestions and the possibility to create your own filter parameters.

Add similar or related content automatically. Apart from films this includes articles or photo galleries. Editors are able to switch off the automatic mode and enter their own definition of related content.

Mark videos with keywords and tags. This makes searching and automatisation faster and has a positive effect on SEO.

Preview video on a built-in player prior to publication.