pokazz A simple solution for your online video enterprise

Are you planning to sell video, do you want to set up paid access to online TV, have an idea for a business model? Our platform can help you organise the entire sales process.

With Pokazz you can activate a payment module at any time, you decide when to deactivate.

"Sell content" is a range of tools to monetize your video content and includes:

Sell access to video. You decide how much, what, where, when. You can a few selected films or your entire video library into a product.

Compatible sales model. Pokazz gives you the freedom to introduce an original system or select from the most popular payment methods: pay-per-view, subscription, allow access within limited time.

Integration with any payment platforms, eg. DotPay, eCard.

Support in advertising and marketing campaigns by generating codes, discounts, awards for activity.

Protection of all video content using the Microsoft PlayReady DRM system.