pokazz A simple solution for your online video enterprise

The Pokazz video player can be described as smart for a number of reasons: it detects the device on which it has been opened, automatically adjusts to the technology in the browser, adapts to various formats and platforms.

Furthermore, as we offer full freedom of choice in style and functionality, the player looks exactly how you want it to.



In selecting the smart Pokazz player, you will:

Receive a player which automatically detects the device it is on. It is able to adjust to various platforms and browser technology (Silverlight, HTML5 or Flash).

Be able to customise your player. We can change the appearance of your player as you wish: from colour schemes through to dedicated graphical elements. What's more, if you have a sponsor or need to integrate player image with a brand or product, we'll be happy to brand it for you on request.

Gain access to additional bonus functionalities. Our intelligent player allows marking and extraction of chapters, soundtrack selection, subtitles in any language to be added, enrichment with related materials.

Be able to select platforms where users can share video on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

Use tools to enrich broadcast. If you are broadcasting a live event using multiple cameras, make it possible for users to view from a number of angles allowing them to switch between windows within one player.

Have the option to request a made-to-order player. We'll create a modern player according to your individual requirements.