pokazz A simple solution for your online video enterprise

Using the Pokazz file manager you can add any number of videos, regardless of format.

The editor can preview and control the whole processing and publishing of content procedure – from the moment you click on "upload content" to how the film is presented in the service online. Every step is accompanied by pointers and information making this stage even more simpler.

With "Upload and publish" you can:

Deliver source files in any format (QuickTime, ProRes, WMV). Our system automatically encodes content to the target format which makes publishing on every device possible.

Upload as many files as you wish via the administration panel.

Review the content upload process from start to finish thanks to the progress indicator.

Enrich video material with meta-data (eg. title, director, producer) – you decide how much, when and where.

Add films to whichever categories you have defined, making organisation of the video library efficient.

Select thumbnails to present the film within your service. Our system automatically displays a selection to choose from. Should none be to your liking, simply upload your own image.

Publish your ready film to the internet with just one click!